Dubai, UAE – In a spectacular ceremony at the World Police Summit 2024 in Dubai, under the esteemed patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, the renowned Alibi Agency was awarded the coveted Good-Samaritan-Award today. This prestigious event, which brings together leading security officers, police forces, and law enforcement experts from over 138 nations, has quickly established itself as a melting pot for innovation and collaboration in the global law enforcement community.

The World Police Summit, known for its groundbreaking conferences and roundtable discussions, serves as a premium platform for global exchange among law enforcement agencies and government representatives, aiming to shape a safer future. This year, the event once again emphasized the importance of adapting to the constantly changing challenges in the digital era of law enforcement.

Amidst this backdrop of outstanding professionalism and innovation, the Alibi Agency has gained coveted recognition for its outstanding achievements and tireless efforts in the field of trust, freedom, and security services. The Alibi Agency, known for its unwavering commitment to integrity and discretion, has established itself as a leading provider in its sector by offering innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of its clients.This award not only highlights the commitment of the Alibi Agency to the highest professional standards but also honors their contribution to a freer, safer, and fairer society. As a pioneer in their field, the Alibi Agency has set new benchmarks for quality and professionalism that are recognized worldwide.We congratulate the Alibi Agency on this remarkable award and look forward to its further development and continued success in the future.

About the Alibi Agency

The Alibi Agency, a pioneer since 24 years in providing security, privacy protection and trust services, continuously implements innovative approaches to meet the needs of its customers. With a firm foundation in the principles of discretion and integrity, the agency offers a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual. Their recognition at the World Police Summit 2024 underscores their leadership position and commitment to freedom and privacy protection.

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About the World Police Summit

The World Police Summit in Dubai is an annual event aimed at bringing the global law enforcement community together to share knowledge, network, and discuss the latest advancements and strategies in the field of public safety and law enforcement. With participants from around the world, the summit sets new standards for collaboration and innovation in modern law enforcement.

Alibiagency, Tom Kaules

Good Samaritan Award 2023

Nomination of the Alibi Agency for the Good Samaritan Award.

The World Police Summit (WPS) is an international conference that focuses on cooperation between law enforcement agencies and security forces worldwide. The conference brings together high-ranking police officers, experts, government officials, and private sector representatives to discuss the challenges related to crime, terrorism, and cybercrime, and to develop joint solutions. As part of this, the Good Samaritan Award is presented annually.

Award Alibiagency 2023

Stefan Eiben: “When we heard earlier this year that the Alibi Agency had been nominated for this year’s Good Samaritan Award, we were extremely surprised ourselves. The nomination alone was very pleasing to us, since this high honor is only awarded to individuals, organizations or companies that make extraordinary contributions to society. Tom Kaules was nominated as the representative for the Alibi Agency.”

“Although we were already very excited about the nomination, we were cheering along for several weeks and somehow hoping that we would even make it to the shortlist, and then shortly before the awards, we were informed that we were invited as guests. This is an absolute highlight for our 24-year company history! This high recognition for an activity that helps many people goes to all our employees, partner companies and freelancers, without whose help and great work the Alibi Agency would certainly never have come this far. A very special thanks goes to Tom Kaules, our USA Managing Director, for his innovative ideas, friendship, and drive.”

“The award was presented at the highest level, and the Alibi Agency shared a strong 2nd place with another institution in the end. We are very proud to have been part of this prestigious event and to have made such a good name for ourselves on this world stage.”

By the way, Dr. Bikash Sah from the B. P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal took 1st place – Congratulations!

Stefan Eiben and Tom Kaules

The Good Samaritan Award

The Good Samaritan Award is an award presented by the World Police Summit (WPS). The WPS is an international organization dedicated to promoting cooperation and exchange between law enforcement agencies and other organizations in the field of public safety.

The Good Samaritan Award is given to individuals, organizations, or businesses that have made outstanding contributions to promoting safety, law, and order in their community or region. The award recognizes people who volunteer and make selfless sacrifices for the benefit of others, without expecting any reward in return.

The criteria considered for the Good Samaritan Award include courage, initiative, selflessness, dedication, responsibility, and sustainability. The awardees are meant to serve as role models who inspire others to work towards the betterment of their community or region.

Good Samaritan Award

The Good Samaritan Award is presented at the annual conference of the World Police Summit. The award ceremony is a highlight of the conference and is attended by numerous representatives of the police, government, and civil society.

Overall, the Good Samaritan Award is an important accolade that recognizes and appreciates the dedication and efforts of individuals and organizations towards public safety.

Tom Kaules from the Alibiagency

Good Samaritan Award 2023, Police Summit Dubai

The World Police Summit is organized by the World Police Organization (WPO), a global organizationthat promotes cooperation among law enforcement agencies. The WPO has members from over 70 countries and aims to promote collaboration between law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to develop effective strategies to combat crime and terrorism.

The World Police Summit takes place regularly and covers topics such as counterterrorism, organized crime, and cybercrime. The conference includes lectures, panel discussions, and workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to learn about best practices and new technologies to improve public safety.

In addition to promoting collaboration and the exchange of best practices, the World Police Summit also aims to strengthen trust and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public. The conference provides an opportunity for participants to interact with other law enforcement agencies from different countries and regions and develop a better understanding of other cultures and working methods.

Overall, the World Police Summit is an important forum that helps strengthen collaboration between law enforcement agencies worldwide and improve public safety. Through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience, law enforcement agencies can be more effective in combating crime and terrorism, helping to create a safer and more stable world.

As an alibi agency, we do our part to help people lead their own lives more freely and without constraints. We help women and men to defend themselves against stalkers, bullies, and rogues. We support individuals in protecting their personal lives and families.