Affiliate Partner Program

January 9, 2024
No More Scatter Loss and More Opportunities
March 28, 2024
January 9, 2024
No More Scatter Loss and More Opportunities
March 28, 2024

Become an Affiliate Partner with the Unique Alibi and Revenge Agency! Or, the Justice and Secret Agency.

Looking for a truly successful affiliate program to boost your income while offering your followers or website visitors a truly valuable and exciting service? Then we have just the thing for you! Our agency offers an absolutely unique, unparalleled service that can be of interest to EVERY adult over the age of 18 – regardless of gender.
Successful Affiliate Program for Digital Nomads.

Moreover, it’s promotable everywhere:

  • YouTube channel
  • TikTok
  • Websites
  • Online stores
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Videos of any kind
  • Flyers, business cards, print
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • In public life from person to person
  • And much more.

Why become a partner with the Revenge and Alibi Agency?

  • Lucrative Commissions: We offer you attractive lifetime commissions on some services as well as fair one-time payments for every successfully referred customer. Our compensation structure is designed to make promoting us a fun and successful endeavor.
  • Products for everyone over 18: Our service appeals to a wide target audience. Absolutely every adult can use our service.
  • Great support in implementation: We know how important good marketing materials and exclusive content are for success. Therefore, we provide our affiliates with unique content that helps you effectively promote our services. In addition, we support you with our experience to make the sales process as simple as possible.
  • Custom, unique content tailored to your channels such as interviews, videos, and exciting articles together with Stefan Eiben.
  • Competent support team including the founder Stefan Eiben
  • Reliable Tracking: To correctly assign and pay out the commission after successful completion.
  • Transparent compensation: Clear and transparent compensation so you know exactly how the commission is calculated and paid out.
  • You even earn when people become customers long after seeing your advertisement, all without cookies.
  • Unique Service: Our agency offers a range of services that are nowhere else to be found. – We offer solutions to problems many didn’t even know could be solved.
  • The need for privacy protection and the demand for private freedoms are constantly growing.

How to Become an Affiliate

The process is simple. Email us your information, and after a quick and easy review, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. We work with reputable and trustworthy companies. Once you are confirmed as an affiliate, you can start right away.
Make money as a digital nomad with affiliate.
Your benefits at a glance

  • Attractive earning opportunities through fair commissions (lifetime and one-time payments)
  • Passive income through lifetime commissions
  • Wide target audience – Every adult, whether male or female over 18
  • Support through high-quality, unique content, and marketing materials
  • The opportunity to promote an unrivaled service
  • Us as a reputable company with over 25 years of experience

Ready for the Next Step?

Have you painstakingly built up many followers, run a successful website, or podcast? Then now is the time to monetize your work.

Contact us today, and start benefiting from a partnership with the Alibi Agency. Convert your reach, followers, and visitors into cash, while simultaneously helping many people. Become an affiliate partner now!

Tip: Additionally, by covering exciting topics like alibis, revenge, double lives, privacy protection, justice, affairs, infidelity, and secrets, you can also expand your own reach. This could be particularly interesting for OnlyFans models, reviewers, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers.

Global Opportunities with Our Affiliate Program

In addition to our attractive affiliate options, we would like to emphasize that our Revenge Agency is active not only in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria but also in key markets like Spain, the USA, and Dubai, showing a strong presence. As the first agency of its kind worldwide and the undisputed market leader in our segment, we offer our partners the chance to be part of a global phenomenon.
Own an Alibi Agency with an affiliate program.
Our Global Scope of Operation

Our services know no national boundaries, and the same goes for our affiliate program. No matter where in the world your target audience is located, chances are good that our unique services are relevant and of interest.

What is our service in 3 short sentences?

  • Freedoms of all kinds up to the secret double life
  • Protection of privacy
  • Justice and retribution

People worldwide in all cultures face these issues. This opens up the opportunity for you as an affiliate to reach a global audience and benefit from a market that is constantly growing.
Diverse Opportunities for Collaboration

Our partner program is intentionally designed to be flexible and accessible for a wide range of platforms and media. Whether you run a website, record a podcast, have a YouTube channel or TikTok account, or are active in print and radio media – our program provides you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.
Easy Entry

Participating in our affiliate program is straightforward. We ensure that our selected partners can start quickly.

and without obstacles. After a simple registration via email and a brief review, we contact you to create all desired marketing materials and content specifically designed for you.
Your Advantage in Global Expansion

As part of our affiliate program, you have the opportunity not only to earn lucrative commissions but also to help people in many situations, no matter which country they live in.
Are you ready to use your built potential even more successfully?

Then now is the perfect time to become a partner with the world’s leading Alibi Agency. Join our affiliate program and seize the opportunity to be successful on various platforms and media. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

About Us

Welcome to: Well, what can we say? We are called many things, and accordingly, you can promote us and our service under many terms:

We became known as an Alibi Agency, which is also called a Freedom Manager, Service Provider of the All-Too-Human, and Secret Agency. Then there is the branch of the Revenge Agency, which is also called Justice Agency.

It is clear that we are the first and leading agency of this kind worldwide. Since our founding, we have established ourselves as pioneers in our field, offering unique services that are nowhere else to be found. With an impressive network of over 3600 freelancers worldwide and partnerships with more than 400 partner companies, we set new standards in terms of alibi service and discretion.

Our tireless commitment to the protection of privacy, private freedoms, and customer satisfaction has earned us recognition not only online but also in the broad public. We are proud to have been positively highlighted in countless renowned publications, further solidifying our position as a leading force in our sector.

Our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to our clients’ well-being have also been internationally recognized. We were nominated for the prestigious Good Samaritan Award in Dubai two years in a row – a testament to our positive contribution and professional business practices.

As an Alibi Agency, we understand the complexity of modern social relationships and offer tailored solutions that help our clients navigate challenging situations with dignity and integrity. Our mission is to provide you with the support you need – discreetly, efficiently, and always confidentially.

Discover the difference our lucrative Affiliate Partner Program can make with your reach. Welcome to a world where trust and discretion come first.

Contact us now.