Due Diligence Services
Due Diligence Services
December 28, 2023
Affiliate Partner Program
March 28, 2024
Due Diligence Services
Due Diligence Services
December 28, 2023
Affiliate Partner Program
March 28, 2024

Alibi: Masters of Deception

Since our founding in 1999 in Germany and our subsequent expansion into the United States, our alibi agency has developed into the leading provider of high-quality, customized alibis. Our mission is clear: to keep the truth from coming to light, dispel all doubts, and enable our clients to lead a stress-free life through an alibi. We are proud to operate in the largest cities and states of the USA, as well as globally, from New York to California, from Texas to Florida and beyond.

The Core of Our Agency: Experienced Alibi Agents
Our experienced alibi agents are the core of our business. We have made it our mission to meet the individual needs of each client, whether it’s creating perfect alibis or providing solid and creatively designed excuses with corresponding evidence. For 25 years, we have enabled our clients to lead a worry-free life.

Our Approach: Protecting Privacy and Reputation
Our invented scenarios, which could be seen as lies by outsiders, are necessary measures in our perspective to protect the privacy, reputation, or family of our clients. Our goal is to do the right thing for others, to avoid injuries and defuse potential conflicts.

Discretion and Confidentiality
Discretion is the core of our service. We ensure that the secrets of our clients remain secrets. Our methods are designed to withstand even strict scrutiny.

Our Services: A Wide Range of Options
Our specialized services include, among other things, fake lie detector test results, fictitious phone calls, fake business invitations, and careful management of double lives. Our offers are as diverse as the needs of our clients.

Impressive Client Examples

  • Alibi 1: A client from New York needed an alibi for a supposed business trip to participate in an important private event. We arranged fake business invitations and ensured that every aspect of his story was solid.
  • Alibi 2: A client in California wanted to keep her double life secret. We organized fake phone calls and documents to justify her absences.
  • Alibi 3: An entrepreneur from Texas urgently needed to conceal his involvement in a project. Our alibi agents created fake lie detector test results to dispel all suspicions.

Our Ethics: Pragmatic and Solution-Oriented
We understand that our services can raise ethical questions. Our position is pragmatic: If someone can’t handle the truth, it’s often better to withhold it from them. We believe that in some cases it’s more important to avoid conflicts and preserve peace.

Global Alibi Network and Tailored Solutions
Our global network includes over 500 partner companies and more than 2,700 freelance actors who can assist in any situation. Our alibi managers are experts in developing customized solutions for every conceivable situation.

Your Partner for Perfect Alibis
In our 25-year history, we have helped countless people face life’s challenges with creative and effective solutions. Whether it’s leading a double life, hiding an unpleasant truth, or just avoiding stress and conflicts – our alibi agency is ready to help you. We are more than just an agency; we are your partner for perfect alibis and solutions for every situation in life.

Important: Our alibis are supported by real companies. They withstand any scrutiny. The majority of their owners are former clients of the alibi agency.

Here are some additional case studies that illustrate the diversity and complexity of our services:

  • Alibi 4: The Secret Writer
    Client: A working mother from Chicago who had a passion for writing novels but wanted to hide this from her conservative environment.
    Our Solution: We created a double life for her by organizing fake business trips and seminars that gave her the necessary time and space to work on her books. We also provided participation certificates and emails from organizers to justify her absences.
  • Alibi 5: The Secret Philanthropist
    Client: A businessman from Miami who anonymously donated large sums to charitable causes and wanted to keep his philanthropy secret from business partners and friends.
    Our Solution: We arranged fake business trips and meetings to explain his absences when he was actually visiting charitable organizations.

Alibi 6: The Double Career
Client: A successful lawyer from Los Angeles who pursued a career as an artist without her employer or colleagues knowing.
Our Solution: We created a complex series of alibis, including fake conference invitations and business trips, allowing her to attend her art exhibitions and events. We also organized fake emails and letters to justify her absences from the office.

Case Study 7: The Covert Activist
Client: A man from Boston who was actively involved in political movements but wanted to keep this secret from his employer and family.
Our Solution: We created an alibi based on fake business trips and training courses to cover his participation in political events and meetings. We also ensured that all communications and documents concealed his true activity.

These examples show the range of our services and how we adapt to the unique circumstances and needs of each client. Our alibi agency specializes in providing tailored solutions that allow people to keep aspects of their lives private or manage dual roles without conflicts or misunderstandings.

As an alibi agency, we understand the importance of authenticity and credibility in the alibis we create. Therefore, we work closely with real companies that play a crucial role in providing convincing and indisputable evidence for the alibis we create.

Alibi 8: The Secret Only-Fans Star
Client: A woman from Seattle who works as a teacher but is secretly active as a successful Only-Fans model.
Our Solution: To protect her double life, we created a network of fake business meetings and training events that coincided with her activities as an Only-Fans model. We provided fake invitations and email correspondence to justify her absences and separate her online identity from her professional role as a teacher.

Alibi 9: The Discrete Escort Service Worker
Client: A man from San Francisco who works in a highly respected technology company but also works as an escort service worker.
Our Solution: We organized fake business trips and networking events that allowed him to perform his side job without arousing suspicion. To further protect his identity, we created a fictitious consulting firm that disguised his escort service activity as business consulting.

Alibi 10: The Double Identity in the Erotic Area
Client: A woman from Atlanta who works during the day at a law firm and performs at night as a dancer in an exclusive club.
Our Solution: To conceal her nighttime activities, we created a fictitious training series for lawyers that allegedly took place at various locations in the USA. We provided her with fake seminar materials and registration confirmations to explain her absences during her performances.

Alibi 11: The Secret Erotic Shop Owner
Client: A man from Denver who publicly works as a real estate agent but secretly owns an erotic shop.
Our Solution: We created an alibi company in the real estate sector, allegedly specializing in the renovation and sale of commercial properties. This served as the perfect cover for his visits and management of his erotic shop, where we documented fake business meetings and construction projects.

These examples show how diverse and customized our services are. Our alibi agency enables clients to practice professions or activities that they want to hide from their social environment for personal or societal reasons. We help them find a balance between their various identities while protecting their privacy and reputation.

Every alibi must be appropriate and believable for our client.

Collaboration with Real Companies

  • Authentic Documents: We cooperate with a variety of real companies that help us create authentic documents such as invitations to business events, plane tickets, hotel bookings, and much more. These documents are from real, existing companies, which significantly increases their credibility.
  • Events and Conferences: Some of our partner companies regularly organize events and conferences that can serve as perfect alibis for our clients. Through this collaboration, we ensure that the alibis we provide are not only fictitious but also anchored in the real world and verifiable.

Our Global Alibi Network of Actors

  • Extensive Network: With over 3000 actors worldwide, we have built an extensive network capable of convincingly portraying almost any desired scene or situation.
  • Diverse Roles: These actors are trained to take on various roles – from business partners to friends to relatives. They can be used in any required situation to strengthen the alibi of our clients.

Positive Impacts of Our Work

  • Saving Relationships: Through our carefully designed alibis, we have saved numerous relationships, friendships, and marriages. In many cases, our clients have used our services to avoid conflicts and preserve harmony in their personal relationships.
  • Stress Reduction: Our work also helps significantly reduce the stress level of our clients, as they can rely on their secrets being safe and their alibis being convincing.

Our alibi agency stands not only for creating alibis but also for maintaining relationships and protecting the privacy of our clients. Through our collaboration with real companies and our extensive network of professional actors, we are capable of offering high-quality, credible, and effective solutions. We are proud to help our clients lead their lives with more freedom and less worry.