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No More Scatter Loss and More Opportunities
March 28, 2024
No More Scatter Loss and More Opportunities
March 28, 2024

The Power of the Crowd: How Eventjoker Leads Events to Success

Political events and glamorous premieres often attract more attention than one might think. And sometimes, there’s more behind the enthusiastic crowd than just random passersby – especially when the Alibi Agency gets involved. This savvy company has made the “Supporter-for-Hire” business its domain. Since 1999, the innovative Alibi Agency has offered the service “Crowd on Demand” and quickly became the insider tip for any event looking for that special something.

Eventjoker: Where extraordinary moments become the norm.

“From the beginning, our goal was to provide private parties, corporate events, and rising stars with the attention they truly deserve,” say Stefan Eiben and Tom Kaules. “A little glamour in the form of fans, bodyguards, and paparazzi can do wonders for one’s image.”

Eventjoker rent a crowd

At political gatherings or rallies, participants often receive only a small compensation for their efforts. The aim is to ensure authentic support, even if the financial means for travel might be lacking. The concept of the “rented crowd” has become as common as buying followers online – both serve the purpose of powerfully underscoring a message.

Glamorous Premieres and Political Power Plays: The Eventjoker Strategy

The Alibi Agency is proud of the diversity of requests its service Eventjoker receives: from mourners who dignify a funeral to cheering reception committees at airports. Even for the perfect marriage proposal or surprise party, we book the right setting.
Eventjoker has rapidly expanded internationally. Starting in Germany, we are now also present in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain.
“International requests are increasing, but we pay close attention to comply with local laws,” the owners explain. For private occasions, this is naturally simpler.

From artist to event agencies – everyone appreciates the ability to create an atmospheric backdrop exactly to their specifications. The positive effect on social media? Priceless.

Hire a crowd.

Behind the Scenes: Alibi Agency’s Secret Event Army

Kaules and his team fulfill almost every order, as long as it is legal. For political events, they select people who want to support the message of the event – without direct payment, just a compensation for expenses. Eventjoker minimizes the risk of cancellation, such as due to bad weather.

The actors of Eventjoker are mostly known for their enthusiastic participation. Important here: They must appear authentic.

Kaules is convinced of the ethics of his company: “We didn’t reinvent the wheel. People are simply looking for creative ways to spread their message. In the past, it was mass mailings or telemarketing, today we rely on live support combined with social networks – an extremely effective method.”

In times when YouTubers, influencers, and even traditional artists rely on the Eventjoker service of the Alibi Agency, the value of a lively, supportive crowd is more important than ever. Especially at the beginning of a career, a little push from Eventjoker can make all the difference.