Double life

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August 26, 2022
Rent an actor
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August 26, 2022

The hidden second life

Living a double life

Our long-term customers are mostly businessmen, freedom lovers,ladies and gentlemen, and ladies who want to decide what to do with their free time without consulting anyone. An alibi contains a thousand excuses and white lies. Perfect alibis make life easier – relax, we’ll take care of everything in the background.

People in the erotic industry like dominas, escort ladies, webcam models, prostitutes, and other sexual performers who choose to pursue their hobbies in peace without being tied to anyone. Discreet alibis for agencies, escort services, erotica, and escort.

Married couples looking to draw attention to themselves and inspire resentment. The alibi agency has made it unnecessary for you to use any justifications of your own. A flawless alibi eliminates all doubt and allows you to go to sleep peacefully. Would you prefer to spend time with your adopted child, go out with friends, or just unwind on your own without feeling the need to exert control? then give us a call.

Men and women who wish to escape from ordinary life on short notice but do not want to defend their activities or free time. It is no longer required to give an explanation, and Sue doesn’t cause conflict or resentment in the family or in the couple.

People who have suffered serious tragedies but do not (yet) wish to inform their surroundings. Ideal professional justification for preserving the privacy of cancer, HIV, or MS patients. By instantly returning photographed texts as audio messages, you may cover up illiteracy and diffuse a variety of unpleasant circumstances.

People who are constantly under pressure from third parties and do not want to bear this burden any longer. Permanent peace and relaxation are provided by watertight alibis.

And there are numerous other examples. We use clever phone calls to clear up misunderstandings, settle disputes, act as a straw man/woman, act as a mediator, or create a completely new situation – nothing is impossible!

It is difficult to pinpoint a primary focus for our activities. Almost every case is unique and necessitates a custom-made alibi to protect privacy and independence from the arbitrariness or control of third parties, or simply to spend an undisturbed weekend.

The solution must fit you like a glove and come at an absolutely reasonable price that will astound you

The double life alibi is a permanent, flawless, and completely simple solution that, once established, fits any life situation. Only YOU will be able to decide what you want to do with your time from now on.

As a safeguard

It is frequently vital to conceal your identity from some people in order to protect your family, friends, and personal life.

Over time, this approach has been refined and is assisting an increasing number of people in achieving unrestricted freedom.

The Alibiagentur, which has over 22 years of considerable experience in securing privacy and has built up a skilled workforce and a sophisticated network, is the company behind “Doppelleben Alibi.”

“Double life alibis” can be employed for you at any time; no consultation is necessary. Professionally, your back is always maintained free so you may choose how safe and free you want to be. Our waterproof alibi is used by businesspeople, private persons, unemployed people, housewives, travelers, escort services, and people of all ages and social classes

Affair in the shadows

Can’t because it doesn’t exist! Are you having an affair or having regular flings with your mistress? Then we are the covert insurance for your personal life.

“Surely you have never had my case, and surely it is far too complicated,” we hear almost every day. Rest assured, we have already experienced everything and made the impossible possible in less than seven years. We have your perfect alibi, whether it’s a straw man, faked invitations, complete double lives, or tank existences.

Even if the child has already fallen into the well, there are frequently ways out through our extensive network of possibilities.

Of course, we cannot and do not wish to publish our entire manuscript

Living a double life

You would be surprised at how many people live a double life; you may even know someone without realizing it.

There are many reasons to live a second life, some of which are unintentional, some of which are deliberate choices, and some of which are forced., A perfect background for the double life is required for this house of cards to last forever, because a lot often depends on it

Tailor-made double lives are stress-free and can withstand any inspection indefinitely.

A strong alibi fits like a custom-made suit.

We will provide you with the ideal double life based on our 20 years of experience. Of course,

this must be usable at any time and be completely credible

A double existence is lived by whom?

Women and men from practically every age group and social status are among our double-life clients.

There are men who want to visit illegitimate child without the knowledge of the wife, we have many people who work in the erotic industry as an escort lady, in the escort service or as a dominatrix, unemployed use the double life to maintain your appearance, People with HIV and cancer use it to hide their treatment times. A part is played by the need to do nothing as well as affairs and infidelities. A double life may also result from moral or social obligations related to sexuality.

You can put your trust in us because we are aware of every explosive and extraordinary circumstance. Maintaining a double life without pressure and stress for years

One of our most loyal customers has been living a double life for the past 19 years. We take over the lying, remembering and organizing so that our customers can live their second existence stress-free. We keep your alibi alive even in extreme situations, thanks to real companies, actors, and technical capabilities.

Don’t be concerned. There has never been a fly-up because we anticipate all possibilities and have a plan in place if something goes wrong. Sometimes customers come to us who have been living a double life in front of their family, relatives, friends, or business partners for a long time. However, the stress became too much at some point, and the lie was exposed. Your fictitious world is frequently supported by third parties who function as actors for a circumstance or an organization. Additionally, false documents, calls, and Whatsapp discussions are used.

We are happy to discuss any options over the phone or in person, but we are unable to and do not wish to go into too much information here.

. Life is full of secrets.

Living a double life can bring great joy and add a good pinch of salt to life, depending on the reason. Customers, both male and female, tell us about their daily lives and how their double lives give them the motivation to get up every day, that they are much more relaxed and balanced.

Often, confessing the truth and wiping the slate is not the best course of action. Our experience has shown that one’s own partner is not a good helper, and friends and family can also turn away on a case-by-case basis. We’ve seen countless cases where the truth was a shot back in our two decades as a double-life supplier.

There are some valuable secrets that you should keep to yourself So please contact us without obligation to discuss your concerns.


Double life

Most of the time, people who are not themselves forced or compelled to live a double life are unable to comprehend why people choose to construct their lives around two identities that are frequently completely at odds with one another. But anyone who works closely with people and their backgrounds will discover that, nearly invariably, a double life hides enormous sorrow, a strong yearning for more personal freedom, or the need for privacy protection.

Who lives a double life?

We have already assisted many people in leading a double life that meets the individual ideas and needs of our clients in our more than 20 years of agency work, when a “normal” life appears improbable.

It affects women and men of all ages who, with the individual and personal assistance of our alibi agency’s experts, build a double life in order to finally be able to develop freely. The desire or need for a secret second life is independent of social origin or social strata.

Men and women, regardless of social status, profession, or income, choose to live a double life. Those who opt for a double life at At the very least, you should always have a good reason to do so

Why do people live double lives?

We have met countless customers – and thus the stories behind the respective people – in our more than 20 years of operation as an alibi agency. People are motivated to live a double life for a variety of reasons. Most of our alibi agency’s clients come to us with the desire to finally enjoy carefree freedom, which they do not have in their normal lives and cannot create without professional assistance..

However, many of our clients are in risky circumstances. Be it the embarrassment brought on by unemployment, or because of family or health issues. We address the actual needs that our clients have entrusted to us for assistance in the sections that follow.

A double life provides more freedom.

We are frequently approached by successful businessmen, ladies, and gentlemen who simply want more freedom in their lives. It is about, for example, faking professional appointments in order to have more peace of mind in your spare time. Successful business people, in particular, are expected to be available to their business partners around the clock.

Here, personal independence, which would be difficult to achieve without the carefully planned structure of a double existence, is made possible. Are you in a scenario like this? Would you like to take a break from your hectic job and daily routine? Undisturbed? Unattainable? Contact us! For you, we’ll come up with a workable answer.

We would be pleased to provide you advice and create a unique concept for your demanding life that will give you more freedom. Whether it’s by hiring legitimate businesses to serve as your “alibi providers” so you can pretend to have appointments or travel for business. Or when it involves covering up a hospital stay by sending you on an extended vacation in the Caribbean.

Help with hiding unemployment

Losing a job can lead to a true life catastrophe and is frequently followed by intense shame. One the one hand, losing your job hurts your ego; on the other hand, being unemployed frequently results in the exhaustion that even your neighbors use as fodder for conversation if you suddenly stop leaving the home at 7:30 every morning and driving to work as normal.

For those who are impacted, the gossip from the neighbors is not the only major issue; it also affects the closest friends, family, and relatives. Professionally extremely successful people in particular feel guilty when they lose their jobs, which is why they frequently try to hide it from their families.

It is possible, for instance, to confirm courses or seminars in writing thanks to strong collaboration with our partner network, which also includes actual companies. As a result, the time spent unemployed can be filled with a credible alibi until a new position is found. Another variation is to fabricate a work change and use official business cards, a rented office address, and a new phone number until the new employment arrangement is actually in place. The double life created by watertight alibis contributes significantly to the fact that you, as the affected person, are no longer permanently addressed to your current situation, but can instead focus entirely on the problem’s solution – without constant follow-up.