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Hire role players privately

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Double life
August 23, 2022
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September 4, 2022

You have been single for a long time and that is why you no longer go to events wherein you have been invited with a partner. Are you uncomfortable because your colleagues look askance at you during company parties because you have been appearing without an escort for years? Are your acquaintances also annoying you with the constant questions on your companion? This does not have to be! At Tom Kaules Alibi Agency you can easily hire a girlfriend and no longer have to show up at these events alone.

Many customers ask the Alibi Agency for assistance because they would like to have an escort for a special occasion or a special company event. That also is not a problem at all, the free space manager, Tom Kaules, has in his file profiles of actors [role players] from all over Europe, and together with the customer he will look through to see who best fits. Before such a meeting, the most important things are discussed, usually by telephone, so that everything runs smoothly. The actors from the file are also all very professional and experienced, so that the customer can look forward to a nice event with an escort. When you suddenly show up somewhere with an escort, you clear away a lot of prejudices, doubts and gossip. Though it is sometimes simply inappropriate to appear somewhere without a partner [escort]. In these situations, such person can simply hire a boyfriend or girlfriend for an event or dinner.

Hire a boyfriend, girlfriend or actor for private roles

Customer inquiries for a hired girlfriend or boyfriend are made for a variety of reasons. It happened that someone wanted to hire a girlfriend, of course pretty, blond and tall, to annoy his ex-girlfriend and make her jealous at a “random” meeting. Also, to lure someone out of the reserve, because she was not sure, a customer hired an attractive young man to play her boyfriend for a short time.

It worked, the following day the customer received an invitation to coffee from the person.

It is also very convenient for homosexuals that they can spontaneously rent a boyfriend or girlfriend from the alibi agency. Since some homosexuals nowadays can still not openly admit that they are interested in the opposite sex. This can be due to family, friends or employers. Many homosexuals prefer to keep their secret for fear of disappointing their family, friends or losing their job.