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Manipulating the polygraph [lie detector]

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September 4, 2022
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September 4, 2022

Test and faking the result is possible.

Faking the results from polygraph test

Pass the lie detector test. With the help of the alibi agency, pass the lie detector test in front of witnesses of your choice – even if you blithely fib in the process.

Convince everyone of your sincerity with a manipulated lie detector test. In Germany, unlike in the USA, the lie detector test is not recognized as evidence in court. However, the situation is different with interpersonal relationships. Who would doubt the result of a polygraph test? If your relationship is at stake or your credibility is questioned, you should offer to take a lie detector test. We will see to it that you do not need to tell the truth in the process. Your companions will be allowed to watch the test and see for themselves that you are only giving sincere answers. The alibi agency guarantees that it will look like you didn’t hold back a drop of water.

Become a polygraph tester

This is how a polygraph [lie detector] works; professional lie detector tests have an accuracy of up to 98.5 percent. The so-called polygraph measures various involuntary physical reactions such as skin conductance, breathing rate, blood pressure and pulse. If the subject lies, he or she begins to sweat, which increases skin conductance. Breathing rate increases measurably when fibbing, along with blood pressure and pulse. In this way, liars are convicted in no time.

Lying to the polygraph; in theory, it is possible to lie to the non-manipulated polygraph. Practically, however, only very few people can do this.

The prerequisite when tricking a polygraph is perfect control over your own bodily functions. Can you control your breathing, pulse and heart rate at will – and these in a stressful situation? If the answer is “no”, then you are not alone.

Another way of fooling the polygraph is by believing in your own lies. This will usually only work easily and smoothly for people with psychological problems. These repress their more or less bad deeds and thus cheerfully pass the lie detector test.

If you are neither an Indian yogi with perfect body control nor a person suffering from split personality, we have the solution. You can tell the lie and still not fail the polygraph test. You are guaranteed to pass the manipulated lie detector test of the alibi agency without any problems.

We help you to tell the truth. Relationship problems and fidelity issues are the most common reasons why clients turn to us and ask for a fake polygraph test. Those who feel cornered may see polygraph proof as a last resort. However, it is not only liars who need the assurance of passing the polygraph test. Even those who plan to tell the truth can sleep better at night if the results of the test are known in advance. Even the best authentic polygraph test is not immune to mistakes if the person taking the test is particularly agitated.

The polygraph [lie detector] test with reliable results; the procedure for the fake polygraph test is the same as that for a real lie detector test. The difference is that you can influence the result. Our accomplices are professionals and convey competence and seriousness during the test. We will have a detailed discussion with you in advance on what results are desired.

  • All questions, the answers and the desired results will be agreed with you in advance.
  • The expert shall conduct the manipulated test in an office, hotel or at a location of your choice.
  • An official “preliminary interview” in front of your witnesses will mark the first part of the test.
  • The actual polygraph [lie detector] test shall then take place according to the agreed scheme. Your companions may attend.
  • A final report officially attests to your honesty.

“If you blush easily, you should wear green when you lie.” Yves Saint Lorent