Alibi Agency on prescription?

Scapegoat needed?
September 4, 2022
Manipulating the polygraph [lie detector]
September 4, 2022
Scapegoat needed?
September 4, 2022
Manipulating the polygraph [lie detector]
September 4, 2022

The Alibi Agency is increasingly encountering a new group of clients. They come to the agency
practically on medical advice. Psychological professionals, counselors and life coaches have advised
these people to find a way out so that they can get better and enjoy their lives the way they deserve

For even if societal and social constructs all too often want to impose feelings of guilt and
conventional barriers, all people have the right to their happiness.
What at first glance seems like an exaggerated statement that makes you wonder is plausible at
second glance. Therapists empower their patients and help them understand what is important to
them in life. The insight gained is not always in line with what family, partners, friends, employers,
or society would like to see. Therefore, in some cases, an ideal solution is worked out in a video
conference with the psychologist, the associate managers of the Alibi Agency and the person

Sometimes it is also necessary to hide the appointments with psychological support, as well as a stay
at a health resort or a stay in a burnout clinic. Anyone in a leadership position can quickly find their
status in jeopardy. And who wants to reveal their weaknesses in front of everyone and be confronted
with prejudice? Many people still think that those who seek psychological help are “crazy” or “no
longer normal.”

There are very many reasons why people go to life consultants, life coaches, and mentors, and want
to keep this step secret, at least in the beginning. Burnout, addiction problems, secret needs or other
psychological issues are things hardly anyone wants to go public.
The Alibi Agency provides discretion so that the person can recover and regain strength stress-free
and without any outside objections.
Not only did the client of the Alibi Agency recently interviewed on TV find his life completely
changed for the better thanks to the help of psychologists and the Alibi Agency, but many additional
customers and clients go to it thanks to the energetic help of Tom Kaules and his professional team,
many other customers feel the same way. But anyone who permanently suppresses their own natural
predisposition and cannot express themselves, becomes ill – and not only psychologically