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September 4, 2022
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Break up service
September 9, 2022

Creative revenge ideas; from the revenge professional with over 21 years of experience; clever strategies that have been tried and tested for many years, and which quickly lead to success. Describe your plan to our revenge agency, so that we can immediately show you suitable examples. Is it about a bad prank, a satisfaction for your own soul or to avenge someone? In any case you will get justice.

Revenge Pro Experience

The decisive factor is not only clever ideas, but the largest possible network of actors and effective possibilities of our revenge agency.

From alibi professional to revenge professional. It all started as an alibi agency in 1999 and since then we have forged many thousands of revenge ideas and successfully hit the mark.

Cheated wives and dumped lovers

Revenge is sweet. Cheated wives, as well as mistresses and jilted lovers do not have to let this man get away scot-free.

We will equally be excited to concoct completely different constellations and revenge plans for the nasty neighbor, a nasty colleague or business associate.

Revenge professional costs

Our revenge agency has been in existence under the name Alibi Profi since 1999. Since then we have kept the costs for our revenge plans so fair that revenge is no longer a question of money. We can find the appropriate revenge plan for any budget. However, even very extensive, longer-term revenge strategies with several actors and partner companies are no problem at all, depending on the budget.

Revenge is a bad guide, but there are very bad people who should not be let off scot-free. We can give these men, but also women, a good shot from the bow and put a stop to it. Our central and very creative team of 2 men and 3 women will organize the retaliation, while we can fall back on over 1,700 actors: inside and from partner companies, depending on the case, to exact the revenge.

Of course, we act within the legal framework and do not violate any laws. Nevertheless, there is enough scope for very resounding revenge strategies. So far, each of our tactics has worked and achieved the goal. We know exactly how to fool every type of person.

Who are the clients of the revenge professional? Most clients are female and want anonymous revenge that is not attributable to them. They no longer want to put up with abuse. The true background of their revenge will never come to light. No one will find out who is behind this action. The most common reasons and examples for revenge are summarized here.

  • Cheated wives
  • Lying to / taking advantage of a lover
  • Cheating business partner
  • Mean neighbor
  • An affair that should be ended
  • A mistress / rival should disappear
  • Mobbing / bullying work colleague
  • Taking revenge on a stalker
  • Putting a stop to a marriage swindler
  • Been lied to and cheated on by a friend

Most callers want revenge for themselves; although there are also clients who want revenge for their best friend, a good friend, sister or brother. Call us now for a free consultation. With 21 years of experience, we will surely be able to find and implement the appropriate strategy immediately.