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September 4, 2022
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October 23, 2023
Revenge Agency
September 4, 2022
Freedom Agency
October 23, 2023

To break up with your partner.

How do I end a relationship?

Being in love is something truly beautiful. Everyone knows the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. You’re feeling great and so light, no worries or problems, always being in a good mood.

If both parties feel the same way and a happy relationship develops from it, life is perfect. However, that feeling sadly doesn’t always last forever. Many relationships end after the initial flirtation and the phase of being in love. After the rose-colored glasses phase and in the day to day you can usually quickly tell if you’re made for each other or if you’re just not.

Sometimes that revelation comes quickly, sometimes it takes a while. If the partner shares your view, splitting up is usually still uncomfortable yet no big deal, since you’re largely agreeing after all. But sadly, that isn’t always the case.

We skillfully undertake the termination of your relationship for you, so you can start being happy again.

Breaking up can be more difficult than getting together with someone

In situations where it will be difficult to split up and end a relationship, reach out to the Alibi Agency for help. In that case the reason is often the same: You don’t dare to terminate the relationship, because you’re afraid of your partner’s reaction, or because you have an impossible time doing it emotionally.

The experienced and sensitive employees help with a break up.

It might sound a little strange at first, but it does indeed happen that people are too afraid to end a relationship they’re in. Clients report of difficult relationships and partners that just wouldn’t accept a separation at all. Those types of partners tend to get loud and aggressive, even resorting to violence at times. And that’s men and women alike. Sad but true.

In just such a situation an employee of the Alibi Agency would call those types of partners on the phone, and terminate the relationship as tasked by the client. For this, it is obviously necessary that we get all the relevant information from the client in advance. That is important because otherwise, the called partner will sometimes think it is some sort of misguided joke and won’t take the call seriously.

In calls like these, the employee of the agency will of course introduce themselves and state that they’re tasked with terminating this relationship as a representative of the Alibi Agency / Separation Agency.

A break up designed by your ideas

The employee will mention the name of the client and a bit of information that they have received from them beforehand to make it credible. It is usually around this time that the partners become quiet and realize what is going on. Most are quite a bit shocked in this moment, since the topic wasn’t brought up by their partner in a personal manner.

With the trained tactfulness of our Break Up Professionals, they usually quickly become understanding of the situation one moment later. They know that their own behavior was wrong and has led them to this very moment in the first place.

When a relationship has turned into torture.

Ending a relationship despite love.

Some people even apologize to our employees on the phone about the situation. On the other hand, there exist people who just don’t want a separation of any kind and can’t seem to accept any type of “over and done with”. Any attempt at separation is met with defenses and countless excuses.

Such people would never separate and behave downright clingy. If you would tell them that you want to break up, they would ignore it and tell themselves that he will be thinking differently about all of this come tomorrow. They think “he’s just in a bad mood” or “there she goes again”.

In that case you’d be talking to a wall. Here, one call from the Alibi Agency or a Break Up Professional on location can do wonders. It is always quite a bit different when you’re told something by an uninvolved third party. It is often easier to accept things that way, rather than having it be said by your own partner or closely related person. These calls usually happen in a very calm and objective manner. Generally, they also don’t take all too much time either, since the situation is quite awkward for the person who has been called.

Separation agency’s own Alibi Specialist makes difficult phone calls with the needed tactfulness

The Alibi Specialist Stefan Eiben also offers phone calls to solve and clarify situations. There are situations in life, which one just can’t escape from alone anymore. One example for just such a situation would be getting to know someone and right after the first time meeting them, you realize it just isn’t the one true love after all. Now, you explain to them that it would be better to just not meet anymore. Those situations can turn quite unfortunate quickly, if the other person truly believed it was going somewhere and doesn’t know what the world has come to anymore. Then they often depict you as a liar and feel used, even though you never gave them any signs or reasons to believe it could turn into anything more in the first place.

There are cases, where clients have met the other person just a single time and already can’t seem to “shed” themselves of the person anymore, since they already had high hopes. Then phone calls and countless messages follow, and sometimes these people then even appear at parties or cafés the client likes to frequent, downright stalking them. An employee of the Alibi Agency can then give the person a phone call, after having discussed everything precisely with the client beforehand, to put an end to such an uncomfortable situation and solve the problem.

Simply feel happy and free again.

Tactfully separate with empathy to preserve the friendship

The trained employees use their extensive knowledge of human nature to quickly adapt to any person, and talk with the concerned party in a calm, understanding, and tactful manner. The person in question often quickly realizes throughout the phone call that they had been overly obsessive, and since the call came from a neutral third party, they tend to also have an easier time listening and not feeling personally attacked. Trained and educated employees of the Alibi Agency clarify situations on the telephone.

If you want to protect your partner by breaking up with them, we act particularly sensitive of course. One client got a rather serious diagnosis from their doctor and didn’t want their partner to suffer unnecessarily because of it. Someone else might realize that he’s addicted to alcohol, and recognizes how much his wife suffers because of it. Sometimes our clients also have other plans, that they might have no control over, and don’t want to involve their partners in them if they don’t have to.

The Alibi Specialist Stefan Eiben knows how effective these phone calls can be and his clients appreciate his work greatly.

Two happy singles or two new happy relationships can blossom out of just one unhappy couple.